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WE ARE a USA Cheer Preferred Provider... Now accepting bookings for 2016/17... Need information on music guidelines and copyright laws? email:

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CheerMusicSolutions 2016-17

With new guidelines outlined by USA Cheer, we at Cheer Music Solutions

will only be distributing music that meets these guidelines. We have a

large book of clients that are based in the U.S. and the large majority

of our Canadian clients participate in U.S events. Further, copyright

laws are enforced internationally through the World Intellectual

Property treaty. It is important to note that these are laws regarding

distribution (producer to coach OR coach to athlete etc) and ownership

of copyrighted material. It is important to understand that not

following these Laws can have consequences. We are now a preferred

provider of USA Cheer and as such we must stay true to our agreement

we have with USA Cheer. For that reason, we will not be using cover

versions of songs as the threat of litigation to CMS, our clients or

anyone else involved in distributing or airing the unlicensed material is

very real. We are not willing to put ourselves, our clients or respected

event providers in that position.

CheerMusicSolutions 2016-17 Pricing

Basic Package $850.00 Cad (650.00 Usd) *about 42.50/athlete based on team of 20

-offers Standard Voice-Over Style Vocals with 4-5 Licensed Songs. Mix

tailored to custom count sheet

Semi Custom 1050.00 Cad (850.00 Usd) *about 52.50/Athlete Based on team 20

-offers 12, 8 Counts of Custom Raps, some female and some male all high

Quality. The remainder of the mix is filled with Licensed and/or Royalty

Free Songs

Full Custom 1250.00 Cad (975.00 Usd) *about 62.50/Athlete Based on team 20

-offers 12-18, 8 counts of Rap, males and females AND up to 2 Custom

Song Singing Vocal sections (Stunt, Pyramid, Dance etc)