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Prices & Policies

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The Dollars 

All work requires a deposit to hold your place in our schedule.  Work deposits are non-refundable.  A work deposit is also required to begin work and full payment is due prior to delivery of final music. Cheer Music Solutions charges a 5% late fee for the first 30 days and an additional 2% for every 15 days after that. After 90 days Cheer Music Solutions reserves the right to process your account through a collection agency.

The Turn Around Time 

Our turn around time is based on our booking arrangement at the time of purchase.  Once we have agreed in principal on your date it will be finalized once your deposit and count sheets have been submitted.  Completion dates are not final until all paperwork has been completed by you (the buyer) and deposit has been received.

The Edit 

Cheer Music Solutions includes a return edit which covers any additions or subtractions of eight counts to existing songs/sections in the custom music mix only. Sound effects are unlimited on every project and you can adjust the speed of your routine if need be.  Voice-overs can be moved and be edited as well however there is a charge for adding a new voice-over. If you need this done at any point in your season, you will be required to submit your count sheet at least 2 weeks in advance of the date you need it completed.  If you are having a piece re-edited Cheer Music Solutions will provide you a quote and delivery date when the order is placed. 

All services will be void and payments will be non-refundable for the contracted season if the client decides to do any type of labour such as making your own edits, hiring other companies to do the labour or tampering with original mixes that were made and provided by Cheer Music Solutions.

The Tunes 

Music selections are to the discretion of the client, if no music is selected Cheer Music Solutions will place appropriate music into your routine.  If Cheer Music Solutions is choosing the music we will not remake sections based on music preference. If you must submit a list of music at a competition, please make a note on your count sheet or let us know with your original order.  Cheer Music Solutions will provide a list of songs and artists however you will need to research any additional information needed. 

Cheer Music Solutions provides a service not a product and the music produced by CMS is intended for use in cheer and dance routines and competitions.  Although artists and record companies retain the rights to the original songs, CMS retains the rights to its original compositions in each mix.  CMS mixes are not to be used as material done by other individuals or companies without the expressed permission of Cheer Music Solutions.

The Delivery 

Upon receiving payment, we will e-mail you a link to download your music in high quality MP3 format, hard copies (2) can be purchased for $10.00 plus shipping (if mail is necessary).